Conference Services

“The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going.”

Speakermedica works with the conference organisers to integrate speaker training into the conference in the way that:

  • Makes the most sense
  • Adds the most value
  • Fits best with the agenda

We bring Value to the Customer. We express this value by:

  • Making pre-calls and conf calls efficient and clear
  • Explaining concepts well to the different stakeholders
  • Making our experience available to everyone we come into contact with during the process of the conference
  • Dedicating our energy 100% to our client’s clients

Conference services Overview:

Speakermedica Seminars

This is a keynote speech. Our presentation is comparable in duration to the other speakers. The topics are the basic principles of holding a presentation, the rights of the audience, the importance and impact of eye contact, good body language and correct usage of the stage / podium. Low levels of audience participation, for unlimited audience sizes.

Speakermedica Workshops

The workshop means audience interaction. In its basic form, we give the audience the opoortunity to test our techniques. The workshop formats depend greatly on our clients’ needs: to date we have run approximately 8 different workshop formats, for group sizes ranging between 14 – 315 people. The most important business needs are:

  •   Increase the quality of product launches / re-launches by ensuring product benefits and attributes are explained to the best of our KOL’s abilities
  •   ncrease the quality of our speakers

Speakermedica Coaching

This is an exclusive service for individual KOLs who need support in presentation preparation, rehearsal and delivery. The world of the KOL is exclusive, where honest feedback is difficult to come by.  We offer the opportunity for 3rd party, neutral feedback based on our unique experience as presenters.

Speakermedica Logistics Services

We also offer the “behind the scenes” services that we have noticed is usually missing from large conference environments. This means bringing skills to slide review sessions, stage management, slide formatting to ensure visibility and moderation services for situations where there are many speakers.