During our programmes, we have come into contact with all the operational parts of the conference.  Speakermedica Logistics Services aim to create a perfect organisation for everything related to the presentations delivered. This includes:

  • Facilitation for slide review sessions. Usually held the evening before a conference, the slide review is a final opportunity for the speakers to go though their slides, and discuss the flow, the timing the slides and the focus.
  • Slide formatting. In some cases we are called upon to create slides based on existing content that conform to our rule for good slides. (Text size, numbers of words per slide, usage of pictures and graphs, backgrounds, transitions etc.
  • Stage management. This service means our people arrive early in order to set up the podium, the correct positioning of screens, flipcharts, laptops and stages. Testing of microphones with speakers, and working with the speaker to make sure they feel comfortable with their speaking environment.
  • Moderation services. Speakermedica can also provide an alternative moderation style for the entire conference. The focus is on creating a “behavioural” red line through the different presentations; giving the audience a focal point and a personality to refer to. We often also take responsibility for the “knowledge flow” (logical order of presentations) and recaps.