“A speaker must believe in the value and interest of their subject.”

A Seminar is defined as a presentation or a key-note speech. It lasts approximately from 30 – 120 minutes, and fits into the agenda in the same way as a medical presentation.

The goals of a seminar are to:

  •  Add variation to the agenda
  •  Give the Doctors something different to walk away with
  •  Add to the general value of the conference


Conference: Microbiology | 160 people | 60 Minutes
Date: April 2011, Promisten Croatia
Delegates: Head nurses, hand hygiene specialists.
Focus: The presentation was called “40 slides may be 35 too many”, and focussed on Information Overload, Body Language, Media Handling








Conference: Psychotherapy | 200 people | 2 x 60 mins
Date: March 2011, Sau Paulo, Brazil
Delegates: Psychologists, Psychiatrists
Focus: Titled “speaking skills for medical professionals, the presentation focussed on speaking to peers vs patient groups


Conference: Dentistry | 8 x 15 people over 1 day (rotating groups)
Date: June 2011, Antalya, Turkey
Delegates: Dentists
Focus: Sponsored by a provider of dentistry equipment, the presentation was focussed on dentists doing presentations at schools