Professional Presentations

“Success as a public speaker.”

Seminar Description  
Objectives                                                                                                                    Represent my company / department / topic professionally
Convince people to move on my ideas
Deliver well structured, clear presentations with conviction and confidence
Content areas
  • Personal skills. Standing up in front of an audience, what to do with your feet, hands, eyes, body, voice, where to stand, tips and tricks.
  • Interaction. How to create opportunities for interaction, how to avoid monologue, how to avoid interaction it if necessary.
  • Audience analysis. In the preparation stage, analyzing the audiences wishes and needs to ensure a presentation that focuses on their needs and expectations.
  • Producing Visuals. Basic recommendations for creating PC presentations.
  • Media Handling. Flipchart, Data projector, all the things that can go wrong and how to avoid them, and how to use the room to the best advantage.
  • The sales aspect. Looking at the formal presentation as a part of the sales process and defining what the objectives of the presentation are related to the sale and how far we can go. Follow up and pre-work considerations.
  • Persuasion. An interesting “extra” is a concept called the “6 principles of persuasion”. The art and science of getting people to say yes to your requests.
Medical specific Internal presentation types in Pharma companies
Statisticians, statistics and the importance of good visualisation
Information overload
The difference of presentations designed for reading and internal communication, vs presentations designed for presenting
Target groups Everyone who has to deliver presentations.
Result guarantee We use a consulting concept that creates a “presentation roadmap” for each participant, ensuring that they have at least 6 observed presentations to do after the workshop ends.
Another way of guaranteeing the result of a presentation skills workshop is to create a development center around the seminar, and thereby increase the pressure to do a good job. Please click here to read a description of this concept.
Duration /delivery formats
  • 2 days, 8 – 16 people with 1- 2 trainers
  • 3 days with 10-20 people with 2 trainers
Training style
  •     We use film as a part of the seminar to give the participants a view of themselves. Participants take their films home with them.
  •     Peer feedback and trainer feedback.
  •     Pre work – the participants must prepare a presentation for the seminar.